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Diamond Cash for Cars in Perth is the easiest, quickest way to sell your unwanted cars, jeep, trucks and vans.


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    3 Steps to Cash for Cars in Perth

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    Contact Diamond Cash for Cars, through our website or at 0412 985 192. After answering a few questions, our staff will send you a free quote on how much you can get paid.

    STEP 2

    Schedule Your Pick-Up

    Just set a date and time, and tell our staff about the location of your vehicle. We will tow away your vehicle from the desired location, at whatever time is easy for you.

    STEP 3

    Instant Cash for Cars in Perth

    Once you make the whole process legal and sign the paperwork, the scrap vehicle is no more a worry for you. After your signature, you will be paid instantly for your scrap vehicle.


    What Our Customers Have to Say

    The most experienced and competent car wreckers I have ever dealt with. I was extremely impressed when they provided me on-the-spot and same day cash. Their car removal services were quick, efficient, and reliable. For selling my wrecked car, I contacted so many wreckers but here I got the highest cash. With their services, I got an opportunity to sell my vehicle that was of no use to me at a price that I expected.

    Elina Gomz

    Awesome people at the place. Ale who was helpful and friendly throughout and also should mention this John was great. Thanks guys

    Jerry Jon

    I diamond scrap car service I’ll suggest my friends to have a service from Oriental. Thanks Oriental for giving me best service 😀


    We pay top-dollar cash for scrap cars in Perth.

    Do you have an unwanted car for cash in Perth or the surrounding areas? What you need is our cash for cars service.

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    Cash for Cars in Perth – Frequently Asked Questions

    Who will buy my car that doesn't run?

    Unless you decide to repair the car, it’s best to get cash for cars in Perth. Make sure you get a fair price for the value of your car.

    Looking to get the most money out of a broken-down car? Trying to get rid of a car that doesn’t run is easier said than done. There are few options for selling a broken-down car. 

    First, consider whether you can repair the vehicle. If the car is otherwise well-maintained, a repair could save it. If repairs will cost less than half the value of the car, you may be able to sell the vehicle and recoup the expenses.

    However, don’t get trapped by costs that skyrocket unexpectedly high. If your car is on its way out, it could easily turn out to be more complicated to repair than initially assumed. More complicated means more expensive! 

    Once you’ve already paid for a repair, if your car still doesn’t run, the cost of repairs can add up to much higher than what you expect to sell the car for.

    If you decide against repairs, your best option is a service that offers cash for junk cars in Perth. You’ll be paid fairly for the value of your car, from the car body to its system components.


    How do I get rid of my old car?

    An old car may be worth too little to be sold to a car dealer, or even a private seller. The best option is to sell cars for cash in Perth.

    An old car may be worth as little as $2000. That’s a great vehicle while it runs! However, you may decide it’s time to upgrade to a better vehicle.

    Even if you’re driving the car until it dies, at some point, it’ll start to deteriorate. And once it’s on its way down, the deterioration can be surprisingly fast.

    Non-stop repairs will quickly build up to the point that it’s no longer worth it to keep your old car. What can you do with a car that isn’t worth fixing? Your best option is to sell the scrap car for cash in Perth.

    If you can’t sell an old car, you’ll always be able to sell it for cash. Not only that, but you’ll be paid for the fair value of your car.

    Can you get money for scrapping a car?

    You can get cash for car removal in Perth. Expect to earn around $400 for your scrap car, even if the car is old or has broken down.

    How much do you get for scrapping a car? On average, a junk car for cash in Perth will fetch around $400. A car with fewer parts to recycle may be worth less, while some makes and models can earn you much more.

    Any kind of vehicle can be sold for cash. Car or truck, old or new, even if it’s broken down or busted from an accident, you can earn money for your vehicle. Diamond Cash for Cars buys any car for up to $9999 in cash, plus a free towing service.

    Diamond Cash for Cars in Perth offers two convenient ways to get rid of your car. Either drop off your car at our drop-off point, or if your car has broken down, we can collect it from anywhere.

    How much is a car worth that doesn't run?

    A broken-down car is still valuable. Its car body and spare parts can be recycled. You’ll earn around $400 in instant cash for cars in Perth.

    While a car is worth more if it’s still running, it’s still full of many valuable and reusable parts. For example, if you have an intact car body, we can recycle its bonnet, doors and bumper to repair vehicles damaged in an accident.

    Engines and transmission systems can be recycled, whether wholly or in part. Even systems such as the GPS and the air conditioning has valuable components to recycle.

    We offer a scrap car collection service for cars that don’t run. To be as convenient as possible, we’ll come to you! We can collect your old car from anywhere in or near Perth.

    Is it better to scrap a car or sell it?

    It’s better to repair if that’ll put the car back on the road. If a repair costs more than half the value of the car, it’s better to scrap it.

    When should you not fix your car? This decision is a matter of weighing how much a car will cost, ultimately. This hinges on how many repairs you’ll end up needing.

    If a repair will put a car back on the road, without any further costs, it’s better to repair. However, don’t end up being trapped by unexpected costs! Repairing a car can end up costing far more than initially expected.

    If you’re wary of being caught out by skyrocketing repair costs, it’s better to scrap the car. Non-stop repairs may make you regret the initial decision to try to save the car!

    Another consideration is whether you need instant cash for cars in Perth. It may make more financial sense to sell your car and get the cash for it now.

    What does repairable write-off mean in WA?

    A repairable write-off is a damaged car that can be repaired, but it doesn’t make financial sense to do so. In this case, your best option is a service for cash for cars in Perth.

    If your car is a repairable write-off, it’s been officially recorded with that status. This means your vehicle can only be re-registered if it’s repaired and passes two inspections: A safety inspection and a written-off vehicle inspection.

    Vehicles with repairable write-off status can be identified by their vehicle identification number (VIN) or chassis number. In fact, the WA Department of Transport keeps a register of such vehicles.

    What does this mean for you? A repairable write-off car is uneconomical to repair and isn’t going to be allowed on the roads. The only option left is to earn some cash for the car in Perth.

    This means to sell your car for cash, for the value of your car parts. With average earnings of $400, this is the best way to recoup as much value as you can from your car.

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