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If your car is at the end of its life, turn to car removal in Perth.

Diamond Cash for Cars will take your car away and pay you for it. We’ll give you cash for your old car removal in Perth. Quick and easy paperwork, no hassle, just cash.


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    Car Removal for Cash in Perth – Frequently Asked Questions

    When should I get rid of my old car?

    Faced with expensive or non-stop repairs? If the repairs are more than half the value of the car, it’s time to look for scrap car removal in Perth.

    For an old car worth about $2000, don’t pay for any repair or spare part more than $1000. Luckily, you can recoup some money with free car removal in Perth.

    Expensive or ongoing repairs are a sign for car removal for cash in Perth. Owning any car means you have to pay for maintenance and repairs. However, these shouldn’t add up to be more expensive than the car itself.

    Constant repairs are another sign for car removal in Perth . Cars tend to deteriorate fast towards the end of their useful life. If there’s one repair after another, your car is on its way out.

    Should I fix my car or junk it?

    If your car is in a technically good state, fix it. If the car costs more to repair than it’s worth, junk it with free car removal in Perth.

    Have you been keeping on top of your regular car maintenance schedule? Some cars are in technically good working order, and just have a specific issue to fix. A small repair here and there is a normal part of owning a car.

    Even if your car is old, if it’s been maintained well and works fine, it’s worth repairing.

    However, some cars are not worth fixing, and a car removal in Perth would be a better idea. Was your car born before Bluetooth and airbags were? Very old cars may be too clunky or unsafe to sell on, even for car body removal in Perth. Any repairs on these vehicles are money down the drain.

    Cars can deteriorate fast towards the end of their life, right before you need car removal in Perth. If the repairs are starting to come more frequently, there isn’t much life to eke out your car. An expensive repair or spare part, more than half the value of the car, can also make the vehicle irredeemable.

    In these cases, it’s best to get scrap car removal in Perth.

    Do I have to pay to have my car scrapped?

    With free car removal in Perth, you don’t have to pay to have your car towed and scrapped. In fact, you’re paid for the value of your scrap car.

    Are you facing down the barrel of expensive towing fees? If your car’s dead, there’s no point paying to get it towed. Instead, choose free car removal in Perth that offers free towing. Not only will car removal in Perth take your car away for you, we’ll pay you to compensate you for your vehicle.

    What do I need to do before scrapping my car?

    Have your documentation ready for scrap car removal in Perth. This means proof of ownership of the vehicle and a valid photo ID.

    Get across these details for on the day of scrap car removal in Perth. Does your car need to be parked in a certain location or position? When can it be towed? Do you need to hand over the keys?

    You don’t need to clean the car for free removal in Perth., but go through it thoroughly to take out all your personal belongings. Don’t lose any documents or spare change with the car!

    Prefer to transfer your existing license plates to your new car? Make sure to take these off beforehand. If you’re not buying a new car after your car removal in Perth, you can turn your plates in.

    You may also want to remove the spare tyre and jack from beneath the boot for your car removal in Perth.

    How much do you get for scrapping a car in Australia?

    Scrap car removal in Perth and Australia will get you around $400, for a standard small model. Some makes can earn you much more, to several thousands of dollars.

    $400 is the average you can expect for free car removal in Perth. Diamond Cash for Cars can offer unbeatable cash up to $9999, plus a free towing service.

    With the post-pandemic supply constraints on the global auto industry, scrap car prices have been shooting up. You can expect to see a healthy wad of cash for your car removal in Perth!

    What are the most valuable parts of a scrap car?

    When it comes to car removal in Perth, the most valuable parts of a scrap car are the transmission, bonnet, doors, and catalytic converter.

    Though it’s not really a “part”, the car engine and transmission add up the value for scrap car removal in Perth. These can be inspected to have worn parts replaced, and gain a new lease of life in a new vehicle.

    Body parts such as the bonnet and doors are especially sought after for car removal in Perth. These parts are often damaged in vehicle accidents, and need to be replaced.

    Some parts are valuable for their metal content for scrap car removal in Perth. These include the copper of the alternator and starter, the precious metals of the catalytic converter, and the aluminium of the radiator.

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    Just set up a time and date and tell our staff about the location of your vehicle. We will be towed away your vehicle from the desired location at whatever time that’s easy for you.

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    Once you make the whole process legal and signed the paperwork, the scrap vehicle is no more a worry for you. After your signature, you will be paid instantly for your scrap vehicle.


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